Ecopharm is a vertically-integrated biopharmaceutical company devoted to improving wellness and quality of life around the world. We have 50 years of experience in delivering trustworthy and high-quality services to thousands of patients across Latin America.

Research Based Ecopharm Biosciences - Cannabis development

Agricultural approach

We believe plants are like humans; they are able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel and respond. Like us, plants have the capacity to grow and adapt according to their surroundings and even protect themselves from external factors... ver más

Research Base - Ecoharm Biosciences


Ecopharm is currently developing an innovative absorption system to allow our products to enter the central nervous system more rapidly... ver más

Maximun Quality Ecopharm Biosciences - Cannabis development

Maximum quality

Ecopharm is committed to adhering to best practices and all applicable regulatory framework throughout the entire production process.... ver más


Sustainability Approach

Ecopharm adopts a sustainable approach across all areas of the company... ver más

Wellness clinic highlights

Medical Center - Wellness Station - Ecopharm
Over 50 years of collective medical experience
Installed capacity of 14,400 patients per month
Approval Certification Ministry of Health Est. April 2019
Over 10,118 sq ft of fully-equipped facilities in Bogotá


1st colombian bioregenerative clinic

Early cannabinoids research

Intelligent seed research & design

Master plan and detail engineering

Fully licensed company

Cultivation facilities & clinic construction

Wellness Clinic licensing

Finished Cultivation
Master Plan

Seed registration approval (PEAS)

Fully licensed clinic with more than 10,118 sq ft, over 3300 patients per month and more than 50 years of collective medical experience.