About Us


Our story begins 40 years ago, as a family of medical doctors invested in medical research. Our broad knowledge of nature, molecular biology and medicine applied to product development, gives Ecopharm Biosciences a unique competitive advantage in the market. Throughout the years, our approach has always been patient oriented, from patient diagnosis through to product development.

Having treated tens of thousands of patients over last 40 years, we have made significant advances in therapeutic and naturopathic practices based on three generations of medical knowledge of one of the most well-known medical families in Colombia. Our legacy has remained thanks to unprecedented experience in the development of patient-centered products that acknowledge the relation between patients´ needs and the extraordinary therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.


Fully-licensed medical cannabis company, authorized to produce seeds, derivative products as well as cultivate psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis for domestic and export markets

  • Cannabis derivatives manufacture Granted Resolution: 3467/18
  • Inscription (National Narcotics Fund - FNE) Granted Resolution: 641/18
  • Manufacturing quota psychoactive cannabis Resolution in progress
  • Cultivate psychoactive cannabis: Granted Resolution: 1089/18
  • Production quota psychoactive cannabis Granted Resolution: 0685/19
  • Seed cultivation & Commercialization Granted Resolution: 0843/18
  • Cultivate non-psychoactive cannabis Granted Resolution: 0842/18
ica instituto colombiano agropecuario - ecopharm-biosciences
  • Selected Seed Producer - Psycho/Non-psycho Granted Resolution: 2600/19
  • Agronomic Evaluation Unit - Psycho/Non-psycho Granted Resolution: 2601/19
  • Seeds Cultivar Registration Exp date: 02/2020 – (First 10 Strains)
invima ecopharm bioscience
  • Sanitary Registration Cosmetic Products Exp date: 09/2019 – (7 Products)


By understanding the correlation between science, nature and patient behavior, we have developed a standardized and innovative, science-based method to produce safe, effective and high-quality products. Our vertical integration ensures the highest standards throughout the entire value chain. We guarantee unique and valuable, patient-centered products to the growing medical cannabis market by selecting the best seeds available, creating the perfect environment and having our own experienced research team, medical centers (IPS) and laboratories.


Help patients through the research, development and commercialization of the best medical cannabis products, through complete vertical integration from "seed-to-patient”. With the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we will be the leading providers of high-quality medical cannabis inColombia and the rest of the world, with a lower cost of production than other global producers.



To position Ecopharm as the leading bio-pharmaceutical cannabis company by improving health and wellness conditionsthroughout the world & global markets. To highlight our unique ability to control the entire value chain from “seed-to-patient” and be recognized as a top-tier medical cannabis company with leading scientific backgrounds in the Colombian and the rest of the world.


It is our policy to conduct business according to moral, legal and ethical standards. We seek to advance the production, development, and distribution of medical cannabis in a responsible and transparent way. Our code is based on six fundamental principles: Safety, Integrity, Quality, Access, Security and Research.