Company Pillars

Agricultural approach

We believe plants are quite likely like humans, they are capable to feel, see, listen, breath and taste, so therefore, plants are basically able to grow, adapt, or even protect themselves from external factor. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience using natural plants for medical purpose, Marisol have created a validation protocol which determine exactly what type conditions each strain should have in order to maximize plant efficiency without using chemical fertilizers or any hazard agent danger for human consumption.

Research based

Ecopharm is currently developing an innovative absoption system through which the product can enter into the central nervous system more rapidly. Through our line of nontoxic and organic products, we will increase the quality of life, reduce negative symptoms and in some cases even cure our patients. This can be achieved thanks to phytocannabinoids, CB1 and CB2 receptors and the used of nano- technology, maximizing absoption levels. To do so, we have developed a research program powered by two prestigious universities; the George Washington university and Universidad del bosque, both guided by a top-tier research team with more than 40 years of experience on FDA protocols.

Maximum quality

With the application of the best practices and the high-efficient and reliable transforming process whilst complying with all applicable regulatory framework. Ecopharm is commited to prioritizing quality by adhering to all legal requirements throughout the entire production process. This approach will guarantee the correct deployment of quality policies, delivering a safer and reliable product..

Sustainability Approach

Ecopharm will adopt a sustainable approach in all their activities. Social and environmental strategies will generate long-lasting confidence with all parties within the direct area of influence. In this way, we aim to involve local populations in the project to ensure a fair and sustainable environment that supports the welfare of the people.