Company Pillars

Agricultural approach

We believe plants are like humans; they are able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel and respond. Like us, plants have the capacity to grow and adapt according to their surroundings and even protect themselves from external factors. Through years of research into the medicinal uses of plants, Marisol has created a validation protocol that determines the best conditions for specific cannabis strains to maximize plant efficiency, without using any fertilizers or hazardous chemicals.

Research based

Ecopharm is currently developing an innovative absorption system to allow our products to enter the central nervous system more rapidly. Using nano-technology to maximize absorption of phytocannabinoids via CB1 and CB2 receptors, our line of non-toxic and organic products aim to improve quality of life, reduce negative symptoms and in some cases, even cure our patients. To do so, we have developed a research program powered by two prestigious universities, George Washington University and the Universidad del Bosque, and is led by a top-tier research team with over 40 years of experience in FDA protocols.

Maximum quality

Ecopharm is committed to adhering to best practices and all applicable regulatory framework throughout the entire production process. By ensuring the correct deployment of quality control policies, we can guarantee the delivery of safe and reliable products to our consumers.

Sustainability Approach

Ecopharm adopts a sustainable approach across all areas of the company. Our social and environmental strategies aim to generate long-lasting confidence among all parties within the direct area of influence. We also strive to involve local communities in the project to ensure a fair and sustainable environment that supports their wellbeing.