Ecopharm Facilities

Land Advantages

  • 44 Acres licensed to cultivate THC & CBD
  • Natural & consistent 12 hours light cycle
  • 123 mm Monthly Average Rainfall
  • Ideal growing Cannabis Temperatures (22° – 28°)
  • Natural and sustainable water reserve
  • Centralized Location to international Hubs


  • 12.916 sq ft of specialized cannabis greenhouses
  • Fully automated greenhouses
  • Full-spectrum supplementary lighting
  • Dedicated irrigation system for each strain
  • Natural barrier reducing cross contamination & pathogen migration
  • Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP)


  • Built-in laboratory & post-harvest processing, extraction and research facilities
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Co2 Extraction processing capabilities
  • Ethanol Extraction processing capabilities
  • Distillation & flash chromatography purification
  • Research & development dedicated team

Wellness Center

  • Over 6,458 sq ft of fully-equipped facilities
  • Fully licensed clinic (IPS) with six specialties
  • Installed capacity of 8,640 patients per month
  • Over 50 years of collective medical experience
  • Advance research's on Alzheimer’s, Cancer & chronic diseases


Ecopharm Biosciences has signed a Letter of Intension (LOI) with Marisol Duque MD in order to integrate 940 m2 of fully-equipped facilities in Bogota and Medellin attending over 4.600 patients per month. These clinics will become a 100% subsidiary of Ecopharm promoting patients´ rights to physical, mental & emotional balance. Due to its significant potential in treating various diseases, Medical Cannabis has been included as a fundamental part of our core well-being concept. Accordingly, Ecopharm has identified an enormous opportunity to develop new treatments that harness a wide range of cannabinoids aimed at diseases such as; Cancer, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain and Alzheimer.


In order to guarantee a fully-controlled environment at the highest-tier quality, our greenhouse provider is the leading European manufacturer of greenhouses, Richel. With a presence in over 80 countries, Richel offers excellent, climate solutions for cannabis cultivation.


We will develop a 280 m2 processing facility with the highest quality standards in the market, adhering to GMP framework and protocols. We strongly believe product effectiveness has a direct relation with the equipment, technology and procedures used during the production and transformation process.