This project will be developed in four phases, by the end of the project, Ecopharm will have fully-integrated facilities: built-in laboratories for R&D, fully-licensed medical center (IPS), state of the art process facilities, as well as 23 automated, climate-controlled greenhouses. At the end of the initial phase, the cultivation area will reach 11.1 acres. However, the area could potentially be expanded to 22.2 acres in the future.

Excellent agricultural region with optimal conditions to cultivate cannabis, at just 82 km hours from Bogotá. Location: Arbelaéz, Cundinamarca. Total Area: 44,9 Acres or 1,959,031 ft2 Altitude: 1.244 m Humidity: 72% Avg. Initial Approved Area: 11.1 Acres. Potential Expansion of Area: 22.2 Acres.


Ecopharm Biosciences has signed a Letter of Intension (LOI) with Marisol Duque MD in order to integrate 940 m2 of fully-equipped facilities in Bogota and Medellin attending over 4.600 patients per month. These clinics will become a 100% subsidiary of Ecopharm promoting patients´ rights to physical, mental & emotional balance. Due to its significant potential in treating various deseases, Medical Cannabis has been included as a fundamental part of our core well-being concept. Accordingly, Ecopharm has indentified an enormous opportunity to develop new treatments that harness a wide range of cannabinoids aimed at deseases such as; Cancer, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain and Alzheimers´.


We will develop a 280 m2 processing facility with the highest quality standards in the market, adhering to GMP framework and protocols. We strongly believe product effectiveness has a direct relation with the equipment, technology and procedures used during the production and transformation process.


In order to guarantee a fully-controlled environment at the highest-tier quality, our greenhouse provider is the leading European manufacturer of greenhouses, Richel. With a presence in over 80 countries, Richel offers excellent, climate-controlled solutions for cannabis cultivation.